4-Year Degrees

A four year bachelor’s degree is a great way to make your professional career more successful. You do not need to start your four year degree at a university to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering and industrial technology. Many students have found a great way to reduce the cost of their bachelor’s degree by completing a two year technical degree at a community or technical college and then transfer to a university.

Completing your two year technical degree first provides several advantages. First, the cost of a two year degree in Ohio averages three thousand three hundred and sixty nine dollars per year. Compare this to an average cost of five thousand one hundred and forty seven dollars per year for four year public universities.

Second, many employers in Ohio will provide tuition reimbursement for college courses. This means that you can use your two year technical degree and the skills you have learned to get a job with one of these companies and they will provide tuition reimbursement to help you finish your four year bachelor’s degree.

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