Transferring Classes & Credits

In Ohio, you can easily transfer college credits from two year community and technical colleges to four year universities and colleges. This means that the classes you take on your way to an associate's degree also count toward your bachelor's degree.

Taking this route is probably the cheapest way to earn a four year degree. Two year schools are much less expensive than universities. But the education provided by community and technical colleges is first rate, especially when it comes to technology. One of the reasons this is true is because Ohio two year schools have strong connections with local industry. The colleges know what's new and useful in technology because the local technical businesses keep them informed. These businesses also want to hire the best students from these local two year schools.

A job that you find just after completing a two year program might also be a great help toward getting a bachelors degree. Employers who want to get the most from an employee will often invest in his or her education. So, your first job out of tech school might also pay the cost of your next two years of college, while you still get paid to work.

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