What is a Technician?

Technicians have the kind of job that never gets caught in a rut. Technology exists to improve our lives. So, technology itself must always improve. As a technician, your tools will change, the projects you are involved in will change, and your world will be just a little bit different almost every day. And you will understand this change and help cause it.

Job security is a very attractive part of this career. Technicians adapt well to new tasks. This means that they are always ready for a new opportunity. The pay and benefits are very good, and since you are a flexibly trained person you can move up the ladder quickly.

Engineering technicians are trained in two years. Often the experience they receive right after college helps them when they return to school for a bachelors degree.

As companies grow, so do the responsibilities of engineering technicians and the need for more technicians. So, technicians often find themselves on the "fast track" to promotions and new opportunities within the first organization that hires them. The trick to success is to be prepared to grow with the new technology that is often appearing before you.

Technicians can quickly become team leaders and managers if they wish to take on these responsibilities. If you are the kind of person who wants to be the "coach", you might get your chance earlier than you think with an engineering technology job.

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