Edison Community College

Edison Community College is located in Piqua, in west central Ohio, 30 miles north of Dayton on I-75. Founded in 1973, Edison has a long tradition of developing students with the engineering technology background needed by industry. Our students are a good mix of young adults from the local high schools and vocational schools and working adults seeking an education after some years in the “real world.”

Edison offers two degrees in Engineering Technology: Electronics Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology. Each area has a number of options or specialty areas from which students can choose. On the electronics side, we offer options in computer electronics, control systems and industrial systems. On the mechanical side, we offer manufacturing systems, mechanical design, plastics manufacturing and welding technology. Graduating engineering technology students earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Our programs have an industrial flavor to them. The curricula have been designed by our staff and faculty and our industry partners. The courses offer many real world applications while maintaining a high degree of academic sophistication. Students learn from full-time faculty who are seasoned veterans of industry and part-time faculty who are presently working in the field. Virtually all of our courses have an extensive hands-on component, giving students the opportunity to learn directly on real industrial-grade equipment. Students leave Edison with a strong theoretical background, critical thinking skills and a great deal of practical experience.

There are many opportunities for internships with local industry for those students who wish to seek employment during school. Employment opportunities abound for graduating students in every engineering technology discipline. Many students find employment after graduation and then pursue a baccalaureate degree on a part time basis with the help of their employer’s tuition reimbursement plan. Edison’s Engineering Technology programs transfer to many public and private universities. In particular the University of Dayton offers its Engineering Technology BSET Degree program on the Edison campus.

In addition to the Associate Degree, students can also earn one-semester Fast Track Certificates in very specific areas of concentration in engineering technology and one-year Certificates in broader areas.

For more information, please visit our website at www.edisonohio.edu

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