Lakeland Community College

Lakeland Community College is a public institution of higher education dedicated to providing learning opportunities to the community it serves. The college strives to provide an environment for students which fosters the development of social, political, aesthetic, and moral values.

Foremost among Lakeland Community College’s goals is the effort to provide the public with the highest quality education possible at an affordable price. The college invites students of all ages, backgrounds, locations, educational and economic levels to participate in college studies at Lakeland to increase their personal and intellectual development, and to learn skills that will help them succeed in their careers and relationships.

The college is committed to quality in its teaching and public functions. Lakeland provides opportunities for students to find and pursue a course of studies that satisfies their short- and long-term educational goals. Faculty at Lakeland strive to make college education a positive experience for students and to stimulate in them the desire to learn more. The college offers a broad range of courses day and evening both during the week and on weekends in seeking to provide added convenience to commuters and working adults. Alternative course scheduling is also available through telecourses, teleclassroom courses, online classes, and Weekend College.

Central to its philosophy of serving the community is the college’s efforts to act as an educational institution that is highly responsive to the needs of community members. Lakeland Community College seeks to identify and meet trends in the courses, events and services the community desires with programs that emphasize quality, availability, cost, and developmental merit.

As we enter the 21st century, Lakeland Community College recognizes that a Knowledge Economy is growing alongside, and transforming, the agricultural and manufacturing economies that dominated our community for the past 200 years. Success in the Knowledge Economy requires that individuals and communities engage in continuous learning activities, as well as work to create and sustain a culture of innovation in the community. The result will be a continuously improving quality of life.

As a Learning College of distinction, Lakeland embraces students as full partners in learning. To do so, the College is committed to offering as many learning opportunities as possible to meet the needs of diverse students. Lakeland also encourages the emergence of vibrant learning communities and other collaborative experiences that result in new ideas, understandings, and substantive changes in individual learners.

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