North Central State College

The primary goal of North Central State College is to improve the access to quality higher education and technology training for the communities we serve. We provide Associate of Applied Science degrees in Electronic Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Drafting & Design, Electrical Maintenance, and Tool & Die. Certificate programs are available in Drafting, Electrical Maintenance, Manufacturing, Tool & Die, and Tool & Die Management.

Many area industries utilize the college facilities and instructors for apprenticeship programs or for specific skill training and development. These workforce development programs often include courses in multiple technical areas. The most comprehensive of these programs is in Advanced Manufacturing, where students utilize a state of the art computer integrated learning laboratory to develop skills common in modern manufacturing systems.

Graduates of the Electronic Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs may articulate directly to the Miami University Bachelors Continuation Program. This program leads to a Bachelors Degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology. All course work needed to complete this program is available on the North Central State campus using interactive video technology so that students can remain in the local community while completing the program.

College-NOW is a special program for capable high school students who are ready to attend college early. Individuals in this program will spend their junior and senior years of high school attending classes full time at North Central State College. At the end of two successful years students will receive a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree in Engineering Technology.

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