Owens Community College, Findlay Campus

At Owens Community College, our mission statement is unique and to-the-point: "We believe in serving our students and our communities. Your success is our mission."

At Owens, student success is everyone's first priority. Our talented faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a superior educational experience through excellence, innovation and collaboration. This emphasis on quality provides the foundation for student success.

Owens Community College is also committed to providing our students with an affordable education. Our tuition, in fact, is among the lowest in the state, and the absolute lowest in Northwest Ohio.

Serving 44,000 students annually on two campuses, Owens is one of the fastest growing colleges in the United States. We offer more than 160 program areas, convenient class times and transfer flexibility. In addition, Owens students enjoy a number of extracurricular activities outside of the classroom, including a variety of athletics, intramurals, clubs, organizations, and the opportunity to participate in Student Government.

Owens' technologies provide the tools to help students achieve their educational goals in a competitive, global economy. Our website is an excellent resource for those seeking specific information, as well as for those who are just browsing. Please take some time to explore our website and learn why Owens Community College is Northwest Ohio's #1 Choice in higher education!

For more information visit www.owens.edu

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