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The Department of Industrial and Engineering Technologies offers a variety of 4-year and 2-year degree and certificate programs in areas that can lead to exciting and professionally fulfilling careers in the 21st Century.

Our programs provide career-oriented, technical instruction grounded in the sciences and mathematics, and include a general education component that involves the student in the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences. Lab components in almost all of our courses encourage the application of class-room knowledge to real-world projects. As technology changes and evolves, our labs are regularly upgraded to maintain their currency and relevancy.

The department has small classes instructed by full-service faculty who come from career ranks of engineers and technologists. Many still maintain consulting practices. This strength maintains the currency and relevance of instruction. Our faculty is supported by adjuncts in areas where specialized technical backgrounds are needed.

Bachelor Degrees in Engineering Technology

  • Computer - designed for students pursuing careers as computing professionals. The program’s 50-50 balance of computer software and hardware is achieved by blending the most critical courses from computer science with those from electrical/electronic engineering technology that provide a strong education is software applications, microprocessor-based systems, and computer networking and communications.
  • Digital Simulation and Gaming – a broad-based degree program giving students a mixture of computer science, computer programming, and 2D/3D graphics with additional classes in arts, design, math and physics. Graduates are prepared for careers as game/simulation programmers, designers, and architects.
  • Environmental - prepares graduates for responsible operations, maintenance, and management positions in a wide variety of industrial, municipal, recreational, and regulatory settings. Graduates’ skills to monitor air, water, and soil quality and treat chemicals, waste, water, and air enable them to be in the forefront of those working to find practical answers to environmental problems as well as being advocates for environmental protection.
  • Plastics - the only 4-year engineering technology program in Ohio specifically focused on the plastics industry, one of the state’s largest employers. The program emphasizes plastics processing operations, materials science, mold design, and production operations to prepare students for technical operations and management positions in this industry.

Associate Degrees

  • CADD – prepares skilled drafters and CADD operators for positions in architecture, automotive industries, construction, civil engineering, tool design, manufacturing, and county and municipal agencies.
  • Electromechanical - prepares technicians skilled in maintaining and trouble-shooting modern industrial equipment. Programs graduates may continue their education in the electromechanical completion program at Miami University and earn a B.S. degree.
  • Plastics – prepares students for careers as production, research, and technical service technicians in the plastics industry. Graduates have the option of applying their two years directly into the department’s bachelor’s program.

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